All our tents are  extremely durable, so you can achieve an interesting return on investment. In addition to our models, we also supply customized solutions. Fix or demountable, in specific colors, completely furnished, the choice is yours. We think along with you and are happy to advise you on a well-considered investment that fits your situation and your business objective.

Our tents can usually be paid back in 2 to 3 years. And for camping owners in Wallonia: with the applicable subsidies you can even halve the payback time. We are happy to inform you on this subject.



CHASKA means ‘first born’ (Nat.American). The first Outsiders tent.

The Chaska is a practical and cozy 2-persons tent. The wooden construction and the roof create the look of a hut. The Fältovn provides warmth and also serves as a cooking unit.

  • Winter proof and dismountable
  • Suitable for in all seasons
  • Short payback period due to interesting price vs long life
  • Smart storage solutions
  • Solid: long life span
  • Anti-fungal and fire-retardant cloth
  • Highest degree of colour fastness
  • Also available as a 3-4 persons tent
  • Turnkey delivery including interior
  • Very good ventilation

the base for authentic camping

high-performance dirt resistance


maximum contact with outside
optional: wind screens
maximum ventilation
lots of storage space
optional: fully equipped
Fältovn with roof outlet
solid foldable bed
possibility for solar energy


KANGEE (raven) – The black roof is above the tent as a protective wing, so you can open everything even in bad weather.

Family tent – with its robust structure, the Kangee is for the adventurous campers, who want something completely different than a standard safari tent. You can determine the inside and outside space yourself. Even the roof of the inner tent can open, so that the contact with the outside can be maximum. For the children a cozy sleeping space on top of the tent makes the adventure complete.


TAKODA means ‘friend to everyone’ (Nat.American). The tent is available in various sizes and colors, with the layout as you wish.

This tent has a proven record. Very luxurious for our standards, but with this tent we like to show WHAT ALL IS POSSIBLE.

  • Winter proof
  • 5 Year storm proof guarantee
  • Short pay back period due to interesting price versus long life span. (frame 20+ years – canvas 10+ years)
  • Separate interchangeable wall components
  • No construction or dismantling costs
  • Can be used for storage in winter
  • Own identity by means of wide color choice
  • Easy expansion possible thanks to modular frame parts
  • Movable

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