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We are OUTSIDERS. We supply durable tents, interior and related products. In our product range, the ambience of authentic camping is guaranteed:comfortable night's rest but mostly basic and natural. 

Our tents have a very long life time, with which a good return can be achieved. 
No matter how big or small your company is, we are happy to advise you to come to a well-considered investment that fits your situation.


Outside. Basis. Experience.

Camping is living outdoors to the max, creating your ‘temporary home’ and experiencing the charm of true camping. Enjoy the simmering coffee pot on the wood fire. This ambience is characteristic in our range.

Our tent models

2-persons tent – robust wooden construction, smart storage solutions and a basic outdoor appearance. Ideal for the real campers, who enjoy the outdoor life.

Practical and original solution to offer accommodation to travelers, walkers and cyclists. The optional outdoor heater and side walls on the veranda make the tent very suitable for rental in the outdoor seasons.

4-persons family tent for adventurous Outsiders! Robust and flexible: you determine the inside and outside space yourself. Even the roof can be opened, so you can enjoy the outdoors even with rainy weather.

The sleeping cabin can be reached with a ladder and it is extra exciting for children.

This 6-persons tent has a proven track record. Built up with a steel frame with a wooden finish, this tent is extremely strong and also very suitable for during winter time.

The system is modular with individual components. This allows you to easily extend the tent to an accommodation for 8 or 10 people. The individual components can be replaced separately, so that any damage can be resolved quickly.